Exponential Human Project
Do you want to have loving, connected relationships, and powerfully influence those around you in ways you never thought possible?

You're in the right place, my friend.
Welcome to the Exponential Human Project. 
It is possible, you know?
This isn't another self-help program... this is different from anything else you’ve ever seen.

This is for the change-makers.
Whether you want to make a change in your life, relationships, with your career... Or, if you want to change the world.

You can have amazing
relationships AND change the world.

This is for anyone who wants to stand up for what they believe in, but are afraid…
😶  Afraid of saying the wrong thing

😬 Afraid of alienating friends and family

😶  Afraid of making things worse

😬 Afraid of being on their own
Any of this sounds at all familiar?
You have considered (or may have already) getting off of social media because you just can’t take it anymore. The constant back and forth, the name calling, and even seeing family and friends post hurtful, offensive and shocking memes has you at your wits end…

Or maybe you’ve stopped talking to (cancelled) family members because the division is so bad, you can’t even agree to disagree at this point. It’s lonely and frustrating but what can you do at this point anyway? They’ve dug their heels in and so have you.

You find yourself irrationally angry more often than you care to admit. You’re angry at people. At the news. At the world.  Whether it’s about wearing a mask, the vaccine, a racist meme, climate change, the list goes on... you find yourself flying off the handle (even when it’s not that time of the month).

You’re afraid. You’re afraid for your family. For your community. For your country. For the planet. You really do want to make things better but, you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing or making things worse. You’re afraid that your efforts won’t be enough... and in a way, that you are not enough. 

But wait, it gets worse...
... you now avoid the news and sometimes even dread scrolling through social media because you feel exhausted, frustrated and angry at ALL that is happening.

And on top all of that, you can’t talk about what’s going on because you don’t want to disturb the already fragile relationships you have, so you find yourself walking on eggshells straddling the fence of loyalty to yourself and keeping the peace. As a result, you feel guilty, ashamed and alone.
Oh, hey!
We're Molly and Aja
I'm Aja Davis (right) and along with my wife Molly, we have worked with hundreds of people who have been in this exact situation. We are the co-founders of a powerful Facebook community of over 45,000 people, where we teach people how to have hard conversations about race, social justice, equality, and so much more.

We have learned A LOT about what it takes to move conversations forward and what influence really looks like – especially when the divide seems so huge.

We’ve coached thousands of people to help discover their voice, their ability to influence, and develop an Exponential Skillset.

The key to healing relationships, building deep connection, owning your power and changing the world is to have influence.

And good news for you is that influence is a skill, a skill that can be learned. In fact, It’s part of an
Exponential Skillset that all impactful people have. 
The key to healing relationships, building deep connection, owning your power and changing the world is to have influence.

And good news for you is that influence is a skill, a skill that can be learned. In fact, It’s part of an
Exponential Skillset that all impactful people have. 
When you master this Exponential Skillset, imagine being able to...
🙌  Genuinely connect with anyone on and off social media – on issues that matter most

😍  Heal, reconnect, and build meaningful relationships with family and friends

👉  Reach out to people with confidence, knowing that you can make a difference

😌  Feel a sense of calm, control, and ease in situations where you would usually feel triggered

👏  Speak your truth in a way that inspires, and brings people together

❤️ Reach more people, even the “unreachables” and those "too far-gone”

💁🏾  No longer seek approval, validation, or agreement from others

✊ Make the difference you were always meant to make in this life and on this planet


Here are 4 things you need to stop believing right now if want to become a master influencer and change the mother f’ing world
Belief #1: To change people’s minds, you have to know all the facts

What you need to know: Facts don’t change minds, or hearts. There are researched scientific studies that say that you shouldn’t use science to change someone’s mind. When was the last time someone spouted off at you with all the facts on a topic and you went, “ooh, now I see. All those facts have changed my mind and beliefs on this subject completely, thank you!" It just doesn’t work.

We have another way that does...

Belief #2: You aren’t capable of causing the change you want to see in the world.
This is for anyone who’s read that quote by Ghandi “Be the change you wish to see in the world” and thought to yourself, 'what the hell does that mean? I mean really? And how am I supposed to implement that?'

What you need to consider: This questioning of your own potential is some mind trash put into our consciousness by the patriarchy and/or white supremacy a long time ago that, with a little tweaking, can actually serve as an access for you to create exponential change in the world. Exciting, right?
Belief #3: Someone else will do it. 
What is true in reality: I’m just gonna be real. There is no knight in shining armor coming to save you or any of us. And if we’re being really honest, we don’t need to keep perpetrating that B.S. anymore. Get your own horse. Be your own damn hero and ride into the fucking sunset (and that’s ONLY IF you want to.) 

Don't know how to ride? We got you.
Belief #4: You have to be “good” at talking to people in order to change their minds. 

What you can do instead: I’ll let you in on a little secret…The best H.I.P.s (stands for Highly Influential Person) actually do less talking.  In fact, I’ve been known for being shy and quiet my whole life, and thanks to my Exponential Skillset, I now influence thousands of people, start movements, heal relationships and experience more love, joy, freedom and power than ever.

Pssst... You have an Exponential Skillset waiting to come out too
It’s time to call B.S. on whatever beliefs you have about your ability to cause change in the world or in your life. You simply need to learn the right skills. You need to master the Exponential Skillset. 
Join the Community and Enroll in
Exponential Human Project 
A LIVE virtual program designed to help you up-level your influence, power, and impact without feeling alone, disconnected or triggered
For years, I've been missing out on relationships with my family due to disagreement – about so many things. When I enrolled in Exponential Human Project, I thought I would learn how to talk to them again... What I actually learned meant we could be family again.
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"I'm a poet and a Registered Nurse. I decided to join Exponential Human Project because I wanted to have more impactful conversations about racial justice. What I found after participating was... I have the ability to have meaningful conversations about more than just racial justice – about countless sensitive topics."
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When you join Exponential Human Project, you will start...
Having the confidence, clarity and certainty to engage in hard conversations with anyone 
Feeling excited about engaging with family and friends 
Noticing a sense of calm, control and ease no matter the situation or conversation
Learning to actually connect with others in any setting, even on social media
Building unshakable confidence in yourself
Creating an unwavering sense of belonging for yourself and others
"These skills helped me to begin repairing my relationship with my ex-husband, and if I can do that, I can have conversations with anyone! Working with Molly and Aja is inspiring – they really care and help each of us get all we can out of this program. The community you will find here is like no other. Everyone wants you to be the best you possibly can be, with no expectations or judgement. 
- Sus
When you learn to practice our framework, you will no longer...
Worry what others think or fear how others will react
Focus on memorizing facts or stats to win arguments or change people's beliefs
Hide behind excuses, reasons, or wishful-thinking to avoid taking action or engaging
"For years, I've been hesitant to engage in conversations about most anything relating to anything -ism. I told myself that I couldn't relate or I would say something wrong, so I shouldn't participate. Now, I can see just how important my action is – and I know how to step up."
- David
In order to bring real change to the world, the kind of change we need, you can’t do it alone. Why not be a part of a community of  passionate kick-ass people who are up to the same thing?
Wondering how it all works? 
Check out the key elements of the program below
Part 1 | The Course
Step-by-step videos that take you from influence novice to Highly Influential Person in 60 days.
Fair warning: We go deep into what’s really holding you back and give you the exact tools and frameworks to connect and influence anyone.
Part 2 | Coaching
In a weekly virtual space, you'll have the opportunity to take what you learn in the online course to the next level with group coaching from Molly & Aja. We run exercises, training & practice sessions, and really dig in to unlock and unleash you.
Part 3 | Community
You’ll be a part of a growing community of passionate change-makers much like yourself. This is where you’ll connect with accountability partners, get vulnerable and share your wins as often as you like.
Have Questions?
We have Answers. 
How many hours per week will this take?

  • There is no set time requirement; this is about lasting change so the real work happens through continued efforts and practice! You get out what you put into it. We do have one hour long virtual meeting every Wednesday at 11:00am (ET) which you are encouraged to join and be a part of, the rest of this course comes down to you, your schedule, and what you want to take from the course into the rest of your life!

Is this for people who are... new to this?

  • Absolutely! It’s also for Intermediates, Advanced, Professionals, and those in every other stage of this journey. The incredible thing about the Exponential Human Project is that it’s designed to meet you, wherever you are!

I've done a lot of anti-racist work – is this still for me?

  • Yes! The Exponential Human Project isn’t just about learning how to communicate with your racist uncle, it’s also about re-learning how to communicate and the lessons we learn here are ones you can take with you into the rest of your life. We have members who have found that the skills EHP taught them have helped with their relationships with their kids, partners, coworkers, and so much more. In seeking to end racism in our lifetime, we learned that we have to go beyond anti-racist training to heal the whole being.

What if I get started, and then can't fit this into my "real life" commitments?

  • Action is the enemy of overwhelm - it’s okay to get overwhelmed, it happens to all of us! And, we have ways to help you move through overwhelm to find clarity and possibility. These are skills to help you move through real life, not to take away from it.

What's the return policy?

  • Glad you asked! We only work with committed people. If you're not committed to creating the change you want to see in the world, please don't apply. Once enrolled, there are no refunds. 

If I enroll now, can I start later?

  • Since the Exponential Human Project is designed to work around your schedule, you can start and stop anytime you want. This is a continuous practice and learning environment with the support of an active community, there is never a limit to when or how you use it.

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